Ethereal Delusions: Karlovsky’s Revenge

a0766362820_10Ethereal Delusions does it all: hosts a two-hour block of synthwave tunes on his local college radio station, offers up music mastering services, and still finds time to release his own awesome music.

Now, I don’t know exactly who the titular Karlovsky is, or why they’re seeking revenge and from whom, but what I can tell you is that while revenge is often a dish best served cold (ancient Klingon proverb) this album is anything but; it’s straight fire!

Released by TimeSlave Recordings, an amazing up-and-coming synthwave label in it’s own right, “Karlovsky’s Revenge” does contain mostly tracks from Ethereal Delusions’ previous self-release, “Shuttershades,” but also includes two new tracks such as the one sharing it’s name with the album itself. Deservedly so, because it’s a great song, kicking off with an interesting hook that reminded me almost of Maniac Mansion before transitioning into a literal pulse pounding beat that hits you in the chest.

“Am I Dreaming,” the last track on the album, is a great chaser as it starts strong and then slowly winds down alongside a rather creepy narration. Much like FacexHugger, I got a real sci-fi vibe, that really unsettling and spine-tingling sense of space dread. I love it. Like someone saying goodbye as they fall asleep in cryogenic stasis… I don’t know when they’ll wake up, or when the next release from Ethereal Delusions will come, but I can feel it coming

… in the meantime, buy a shirt, why not?