FacexHugger: Chasing Replicants

a3412687603_10I will never be one to put words into the mouths of others. I can only tell you what thoughts arise in my own mind upon hearing an album for the first time. That said, listening to these songs makes me think I am listening to some long lost tracks from a science fiction or horror movie soundtrack of the past. I suppose that’s the point, due to the not-so-subtle nods in the song titles, as well as the name of the artist and the album itself; especially that album art!

Seriously, how awesome is that cover? It honestly gave me some real 80’s heavy metal vibes, which I appreciate. I love it so much that I plan to buy it on a t-shirt!

Anyway, back to the music: the album kicks off with “Tears in Rain,” which though named for a pivotal scene in BladeRunner actually gave me vibes of Metroid. It’s somewhat similar to the final song, “Colony,” which gave me vibes of DooM. Could there be a little hint of chiptunes hidden in the code of this album or am I just hearing things? Either way, that’s what I absolutely love about this album: the atmosphere. It makes me feel like I’m adrift in space, a sense of dread, like there’s no hope left and the distress signal is lost.

That is not a negative thing, that’s a good thing, because as I said before it reminds me of some of the great soundtracks of the past from films like Alien, Darkstar, and others. We continue our drift through space with the track “Replicant,” which starts off with a nice rise into a crescendo and a beat that keeps hitting, followed by “Off-World,” a bit more faster paced and electronic affair, before coming to “Glitters in the Dark” that has such a haunting tone to the point where it just might be my favorite of all the tracks on this album.

Such a glowing endorsement of that one track is by no means a free pass on the rest of the album, because each song is amazing in it’s own way; it was hard to pick just one favorite! I won’t go into further detail on each one, as I implore you to simply listen to them yourself, because I highly recommend the album as a whole. As someone that loves synths, sci-fi, and horror, this release gets my seal of approval and can’t wait to hear what comes next!