Vampire Step-Dad: Love Bites

a2763440759_10I love a good gimmick and Vampire-Step Dad, or Vlad Legosi as his kids call him, is killing it right now with this one. I think it can be explained nicely by just giving the first track, “Thursday at 7,” a listen. Basically it’s a nice tongue in cheek nod to corny sitcoms of years past but, instead of a Small Wonder, you’ve got a well meaning vampire who just wants to be your dad.

Vlad takes this one step further than most by putting out a newsletter for his fan(g)s, both in character and out, giving the character more bite while also explaining his creative process and thoughts behind the scenes. It’s a really unique way to feel connected to the artist and is greatly appreciated.

Also, I’ve heard rumors that if you pay a little bit more than the asking price on orders from him you’ll gain entrance into a secret club! I may or may not be a card carrying member of said club, and often like to think said meetings take place in a treehouse in the suburbs where the Vampire Step-Dad lives… like I said, love the gimmick!

But a gimmick is just that unless you can back it up, right? Well, believe me, Vampire Step-Dad delivers! His music on this album, to me, is reminiscent of an innocent teen comedy or drama from the 80’s. Think John Hughes. There are some somber tracks, showing a softer side of dear old dad, but that isn’t to say that he’s afraid to show a little tough love too. His guitar skills are often hard at work on a few tracks as well, shredding on some choice solos. You can see what I mean by watching a video of his most recent live performance where he opened for Carpenter Brut!

All in all a solid release and I can’t wait to watch the next episode! 😉 Until then, I’ll buy a shirt