a3292124560_10I first became aware of DREDDD when someone told me about this awesome synthwave track that sampled audio from the Metal Gear Solid series. As someone that is quite a massive fan of said video game franchise, and synthwave, I knew that I had to take a closer look at such a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate.

After I had listened to that one track at least a dozen times, I delved deeper into the catalog of DREDDD, and what I found were many more awesome tracks that deserved attention. Therefore, I’d like to highlight just a few of them in this review:

  • BloDDD Bath is such a chill song, dare I say chillwave, the kind where I close my eyes and envision myself driving along the pacific coast highway at night.
  • On the reverse, Demon Parade is a nice piece of dark synth, with a pounding beat and heavy bass. It really shows DREDDD’s range to go from one to another.
  • With that in mind, LA River is quite the piece of outrun, with a high octane rhythm that keeps your blood pumping. The diversity in songs is amazing.

As I said, these are but a few choice samplings of what DREDDD has to offer, but you should honestly go and listen to them all. I’m not sure I can overstate enough just how fluid DREDDD is at being able to handle so many different styles of synth at once. I look forward to hearing what he tackles next, whatever that might be.