Nightlights: Shadows EP

a4058063192_10With a first track entitled “Press 1 To Start,” and the dreamy synth work involved, one cannot help but conjure up visions of an arcade machine’s attract screen beckoning you to come play. After pumping in your four pounds in tokens (or more; I always insist on more!), you realize that this is no mere game, but an experience to the senses in upbeat synths and overall poppy goodness. I dare you to listen without tapping a toe, bopping a head, or even doing a little bit of dancing! I couldn’t. Seriously. It’s that good.

The three tracks after the first, “Shadows,” “Neon Trails,” and “Shimmer” will especially get you moving. Of the three, I think that “Shimmer” would have to be my favorite, due to the heavy bass backing beat that compliments the high pitched synth work nicely like a duet. This one got me dancing for sure.

The backend of the album, with the last three songs of “Glow,” “Fade to Purple” and “GOTO 1”, brings it down a little bit with a more slow jam feel but still maintains that energy. Of those three, I’d have to say that “Glow” is my favorite, due to the way it starts with the sound of the ocean giving way to a haunting melody that is reminiscent of late night drives along the coast. It’s perfect.

Overall, this is an amazing release, with each song more positively infectious than the last. I highly recommend lending your support and dancing along!