Synth Spotlight: DREDDD

0010374517_10I am convinced that DREDDD is a machine of some sort, perhaps a half-man/half-synth hybrid, built in a lab deep underneath Mega City One. I say this because, not just a couple months ago, I reviewed his first album entitled “I Am DREDDD” which was quite the pulse-pounding and adrenaline-pumping debut. In that time he has since released three more albums, a single for Alien Day, a sampler of his work in partnership with Echosynthetic, has a Versus album with FacexHugger due out soon, and a live show is on the horizon. While we sleep… he synths.

Seriously though, on a personal level, I feel both proud of his accomplishments after first being highlighted on my site and ashamed of myself in not doing more to cover him since then. Regardless, consider this spotlight less an excuse for me to try and catch up with DREDDD and more to help bring you up to speed with what he has to offer before the big fight, because there’s no chance in hell that I’m going to miss out on covering that Versus album with FacexHugger.

As mentioned before, I already reviewed his first album “I Am DREDDD,” so let’s begin our spotlight with his second which is simply entitled “EP2.” Now, I won’t go through each and every song, rather I’ll just run down some of the highlights.

a2578639176_10We start of with what I think has become one of DREDDD’s signature songs, Omega Beam, with a sinister underlying beat, accompanied by an almost drone like sound; it’s as if a sneaking mission has gone sour and you’re being hunted down. Bloodsport, as well, hits hard and would honestly make for a great piece of montage music or during a big fight scene; it will certainly get you pumped.

Now, while there is a song on here titled Disappointment, I’d say it’s anything but: rather it’s a more upbeat song that helps to showcase DREDDD’s overall range. Speaking of range, there’s an even more laid back song on here entitled Like I Said which, like I just said, is an excellent counter piece to the more heavy hitting songs on the album. Overall, this is a fantastic follow up album, with again many different variations in range.


“Chapter 3,” the third album by DREDDD, is a much more technological affair in terms of it’s overall design, feeling like a tech noir thriller at it’s electric heart. I hesitate to use a word like “subdued,” but in comparison to his work prior to this album it feels much more moody, ambient, and all together haunting in it’s composition. Like the soundtrack to a long lost cult science fiction film.

a2140688406_10You can almost feel yourself walking the dirty streets of some futuristic dystopian city, side-eyeing each alleyway, afraid of what horrors might leap out at you in a moment’s notice.

Now, if I were to pick out some choice tracks, I’d honestly have a hard time doing so for one simple reason: they have an interconnected feeling about them.  Each track on here flows quite well into one another, weaving in and out, telling an otherworldly and overarching story. If I can be completely honest, this is probably my favorite release by DREDDD, because it’s extremely tight.


This is not to say that DREDDD’s latest release, “I Am Beyonder,” is a slouch even though it starts very much in the same vein as “Chapter 3,” what with being slow and methodical in its composition. Dare I even say it feels like a direct sequel in more ways than one? Both in terms of similar sounds and that overall sense of… well, dread, for a lack of better words.

a0869073808_10However, on this album as opposed to the previous, there is a turn to some heavier hitting tracks such as So Far Away, the titular I Am Beyonder, and I’m Not Trying to Save Anything which all stand out in this regard and therefore they hit harder as a result, like a succession of explosions coming out of nowhere.

Perhaps though the real standout on this release is in the form of the three part song entitled, Pt1: Never Coming Home, Pt2: Fear of Flying, Pt3: Return which, although only a little under six minutes in length, takes you on quite a ride in that amount of time.

The very excellent and final track, You Don’t Deserve Me, inadvertently asks a very important question: do we, in fact, deserve a machine-man like DREDDD?

Yes, yes we do, and I for one am very happy to have him within our community and scene. If pumping out all this in a matter of months doesn’t scream passion, desire, and a driving force to create quality music than I don’t know what to tell you other than the man is far from done so enjoy the ride!