Magic Dance: Vanishings

a2535849606_10This is one release that I have been wanting to highlight for some time now because I feel it’s a great example of just how many different types of acts there are out there in the synthwave, retrowave, and other genres influenced by the 1980’s.

Also, at least for me, it’s another prime candidate to point to when the debate about vocals is brought up. To me, I can go either way, but always make it a point to acknowledge just how amazing some vocalists out there really are and Magic Dance knocks it out of the park.

Now, before talking about the music any further, I just want to point out the amazing cover art done by Nick Taylor. Like something straight out of Fright Night, this visage of an old house in the suburbs illuminated in the night by a full moon just oozes a dark and foreboding presence, especially with that mysterious figure in the window. Of course, looks can be deceiving.

For stepping inside unleashes upon your ears not anything so dark and sinister but quite the opposite, in fact, as you discover one of the most surprising and rewarding pop rock albums to come out in some time. While these songs were certainly influenced by the 1980’s, they also could have been released in the same decade, finding homes on a number of movie and television soundtracks.

For example, “Another Lost Boy” would have certainly worked well in the movie of the same name, whereas “I Wanna Know” (my favorite track on the album) would have been amazing in a John Hughes film, and “Still Haunting Me” could have worked well in a certain movie about ghosts. All of these songs, and the rest on the album, are so tightly written with catchy hooks, memorable lyrics that you can sing along to, and with top notch production they are therefore just plain fun. So do yourself a favor, if you haven’t yet, and enjoy some Magic Dance!