State of the Site Address II: Hiatus Boogaloo

It is with a heavy heart, and after much deliberation, in which I unfortunately have to announce that Watermelon Banzai is going on hiatus for the entire month of July. To pull back the curtain a bit, and let you know where this is coming from, Watermelon Banzai is a labor of love by one person: me.

Who am I? By day I am an archivist, scanning documents to be digitized and maintaining a physical archive at the same time, but at night I have been taking online courses towards earning my Master’s Degree. For some time this was fine, as a normal semester during the spring and fall is about 17 weeks, thus the workload is spread out enough to where it didn’t interfere too much with my free time wherein I mainly focused on Watermelon Banzai.

However, a summer semester is only about 7 weeks, and therefore the time and attention needed to focus on the condensed workload can often get hectic. Then you go and double that, as I am taking two classes, and it becomes even more of a burden in terms of leaving me with little to no free time to which Watermelon Banzai has regrettably suffered as a result.

Updates have been few and far between, I have shamefully made broken promises on coverage, and I just think that I need to take a step back and focus on finishing school first and foremost as not to further tarnish not only my reputation but that of Watermelon Banzai as well. I started this site because I love to write, and I love the synthwave scene, so it made sense to combine those two loves together into one so that I could help to support such an amazing community of artists.

So to not give it my all as of late has left me feeling not only frustrated and disappointed in myself but it made me feel the need to apologize to all of you and explain my circumstances. These two classes that I am taking this summer are the final two classes that I need in order to finally earn my Master’s Degree, thus they obviously mean a lot to me, and that is why they will be taking up all of my time and attention during the month of July.

Once July is over these classes are also over, and school is out forever, thus the beginning of August shall signal the end of this hiatus and Watermelon Banzai will be back on track to full force, and then some, because I have big plans for the future of the site. That is a promise.

In terms of my involvement with Heavy Blog is Heavy: I will still be writing over there during the month of July where I am more fortunate in the sense that I am a small fish in a big pond, therefore my expected update schedule on that site is a little bit more relaxed. Nevertheless, in the end, just know that Watermelon Banzai was, is and always will be a top priority for me as a creative outlet. It has opened so many doors for me, allowed me to meet some amazing people, support wonderful artists and their music as a result.

I never want to lose that ever.

Thank you for understanding and I’ll see you on the 8th of August!