State of the Site Address III: The Return

I’ve been told that I can be a bit of a long winded bastard, so I’ll try to keep this brief but also informative: Watermelon Banzai is back, baby! Now, first and foremost, you may have noticed the fresh coat of paint at the top of the site in the form of a new banner. That slick looking visage was designed by Bernardas, better known as one half of The Night Call, and the imagery begs to ask a question: who thinks that radical design would look great on a shirt?

Anyway, this banner exemplifies the new direction to which I am steering the site. Don’t worry, there will still be coverage of synthwave music, but now we’re going even further than that as there will also be articles and features covering cult movies, retro video games, and live streaming on Twitch with additional video and audio content! Either way you slice it, the pedal is to the metal and the gear shift is broken off, stuck on overdrive, so strap in and get ready because you never know what we are going to post next!

Thank you, once again, for all your support! ❤