Flash Cassette: Self Titled LP

a2685229850_10We’ve been under a bit of a heat wave here during the Summer of Synth but, after listening to Flash Cassette‘s latest ice-cold single, “Long Island Iced Tea”, I was inspired to keep the party cool and rocking by pulling up their debut self-titled full-length album.

The tracks displays a wide range of moods that reflect the time period the music is steeped in. First Wave/Light Storm starts with a disco-infused beat, layering in swirling, cold keys, before transitioning to an Atari/Commodore-esque melody, audio fuzz and all, layered with some cleaner keys that remind me of the Sega sound chip, and of course it gets nice and crunchy. Meanwhile Aurora has a much more somber tone, along the lines of the post-punk/synth-pop music that was flourishing in the same timeframe, and it is just as energetic as any other song on the album.

Alpha Beta Gamma Disco Parts One & Two are both awesome, funky tunes that will keep you moving, no matter what you’re doing. I won a dance contest at work I didn’t know about without leaving my desk chair. If you can’t bob your head to every track on this album, you’re trying to groove too hard- ease up! Maybe you need to let Star Drive take control, guiding you into a groove with its crisp kicks and trippy light fantastic synths.  If you’re trying to be low-key and want to keep the party chill, Sundown is a relaxed track that gives you a chance to recover from rocking so hard, while keeping the energy up.

If the title doesn’t set the tone enough for you, Flux Capacitor fires up a driving beat to eighty-eight miles per hour with bass that rolls over you like waves of time, as keys swirl above like storming clouds. Seventh Wave is similarly evocative, keeping you tapping your toe and bobbing your head, ready to hit the repeat button, which I have several times on this record.

For all the great beats across this album, Cassette’s Revenge might be my favorite. It drips synth swag, with a punchy bass line that will get you out of your seat and onto the floor. It doesn’t care if you don’t think you can dance, because you can now; embrace the music, rock to Flash Cassette!

Sometimes, in addition to making you dance like a boss while sitting in traffic, music has the ability to create a time and a place. Flash Cassette’s debut pulses with the catchy electronic rhythms of 80s/early-90s arcades and dance clubs I’d hear about from my older sisters, while I would be at home playing NES and copying their Depeche Mode tapes. This album grooves from beginning to end, mixing vintage electronic vibes and current sensibilities into timeless tunes.

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