The Heavy Haul: June – July, 2017

As I mentioned in a prior news post, while Watermelon Banzai is indeed my main focus, I am also proud to be apart of Heavy Blog is Heavy where I write the occasional review and article about synthwave. I decided that, in order to further highlight the work that I do over there, every month I would post links to said writings over here. In order to spice things up a bit, so it’s not just a “link dump,” I will also be providing some additional insight and commentary!

So, without further ado:

Heavy Blog’s Top 25 Albums of 2017 (So Far) [June 30th, 2017]

I’ll be completely honest: I don’t like lists. I find that, all too often, it leads to people either feeling left out or disagreeing on the order of said list even when there isn’t supposed to be any sort of hierarchy involved. Regardless, I was tasked with writing about the self titled debut album of ZETA and if you were unaware of them before now, much like I was before I started writing about them, then you need to correct that as soon as possible. I won’t say anymore, as I encourage you to hit that link above and read what I wrote, other than you should totally read the other items on this list too! If lists do anything, I suppose, it’s to at least make you aware of things you never knew about before.

Sekond Prime: Arrival EP [July 12, 2017]

While but a short four song EP, although there are currently offerings of a couple singles on their Bandcamp as well, each track on here brilliantly shines like a star which altogether make up the constellation known only as Sekond Prime. While I have used the term “spacewave” before, specifically in my review of Primorph as a term of endearment for synthwave that gives one the feeling of being in space, Sekond Prime has completely embraced the subgenre to which I am more than happy to stamp my approval. That all said, be sure to hit that link above and cruise through cyberspace to read my proper review.