Kill All Music releases the “Best of” Freeweights on Cassette!

KAM016_Front_01aFreeweights is a band that hasn’t been mentioned on this site before, which is a crime as their one of the most underrated synthpop acts out their right now, so what better way to get acquainted with them than through a “best of” album? I use quotes around “best of” because the ten tracks on this album are all the tracks that they’ve released thus far so, you might be therefore asking yourself, “how can this be a best of album if it contains all of their songs?” Simply put: all of their songs are the best. Period.

Let’s run them down, one by one, starting with “Your Design” which explodes right out the gate with slick sounds, catchy hooks, and exceptional energy which you’ll quickly notice come naturally for a band as talented as Freeweights. “Rust On My Heart” is a beautiful love ballad, a bit somber in tone, but one that’ll certainly shake any rust off your own heart and get it pumping in turn.

“Losing Sleep” is another quality slow jam and a great showcase of range in the form of the vocals, like a rollercoaster, with silky smooth whispers rising up and down alongside passionate crescendos. “Everyone Wants My Name” is a high energy track, starting with all cylinders already running and, just when you think it might start to slow down, it shifts gears and keeps the motor running into overdrive. “True To My Game” is a real toe tapper, a head bopper, the kind that’ll have you drumming along on your steering wheel as you’re cruising.

Now, while any of these songs could have easily appeared on the soundtrack to a movie made in the 1980’s, perhaps “Close Call” is the most likely contender. With one of the catchiest hooks of the lot, a screaming guitar solo, and over the top synth work it is a banger for sure. “Infinite Repeats” features some heavy bass work, keeping the beat going as the synths catch up, while the vocals continue to shine throughout for another sensational slow jam that you’ll want on repeat!

If there is any song that you may know Freeweights by before this review it might be “Living in a Studio,” which is at least the first song I heard from them, and perhaps it would therefore be leap of faith on my part to state it as the “single” from this album. Either way, this track absolutely slays from beginning to end by infusing their own style with a sense of disco by way of the new wave.

“Nothing to Burn” keeps the cross-genre love train coming, with some R&B sensibilities, and an incredible sexy sax solo that’ll make you wish it would have stuck around a bit longer as it helps to fade out the song. However, we’re not done here, as “Lightweight” ends the album proper. Similiar to “Close Call,” in that it has that overall epic feeling of being ripe for soundtrack consideration but, whereas the former was more for open credits, the latter is certainly for end credits as our heroes drive off into the night. Will we see a sequel? I hope so!

KAM016_TapeA_01aI can’t state this enough: Freeweights are criminally underrated and therefore I can only hope that, by joining forces with Kill All Music, they’re able to properly take the retrowave scene by storm and ascend the throne to become one of the best around.

Their album is being released on two differently colored cassette tapes to choose from and all for the low, low price of only $6.49 (plus shipping and handling); at that price point you can certainly afford to pick up both variants! I know I shall, so don’t delay and order today! Yes, that’s right, these bad boys are up for pre-order right now with an official street date set for August 25th! Still not convinced? Scope out the video below!

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, the synthpop band known as Freeweights can be found through their personal website at as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their music can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube

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