Nokogiri Nami Society presents “The Night Call: Vol. 1” in aid of Yorkshire Cancer Research!

Twitter friendly comp bannerIn a recent news post, where I announced the return of this blog from it’s month long hiatus, I mentioned a certain person by name who helped to design our new banner: Bernadas, one half of the UK based radio show The Night Call along with his friend James. Well, today I am extremely proud to announce that the two of them have started something special in the form of a new synthwave label entitled the Nokogiri Nami Society. Their first act is to put together a compilation of some top talent in the synthwave scene and donate 100% of the proceeds to Yorkshire Cancer Research (516898), which you can learn more about here:

As for the Nokogiri Nami Society, they explain their own genesis as follows:

The Night Call started out in late 2015 on University Radio York as a two student foray into radio, begun out of a passion for the sounds of Drive, Hotline Miami and other pop-culture breakthroughs for the retrowave sound.

18222125_663210083884774_4050331025974339631_nTwo years later, after a deep dive into the fringes of the scene by bolstering relationships with huge and upcoming artists alike, including a successful campaign of interviews with the likes of Perturbator, The Midnight, VHS Glitch and more, The Night Call received the Gold Award for Best Specialist Music Show on University Radio York. The hosts, James and Bernardas (as well as a team of close friends), now present their most recent endeavor: the newly established label Nokogiri Nami Society and the first release under it’s belt entitled The Night Call: Vol. 1.

The Night Call: Vol. 1 is a compilation celebrating the recently passed anniversary of URY 101 which was a massive 101 hour open charity broadcast that the The Night Call was involved with proudly. One year after this inspirational event, The Night Call got in touch with sixteen artists to contribute tracks that received much love and airtime on URY and to once more raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research (516898).

Artwork SquareThose sixteen artists? An impressive list, for sure, with some even featuring new material that you’re not going to hear anywhere else for some time! These have been denoted with an asterix and information on such exclusivity to follow underneath in parentheses. Before we get to them, check out that rad art for the compilation over on the left. It was designed by Helen Bee and you can check out more of their work at!

Now, on to the lineup:

  1. The MidnightDays of Thunder
  2. Robert ParkerPromise
  3. Robots With RaygunsExcess
  4. Fatal FrictionKeep On Moving Up
  5. Absolute ValentinePolice Heartbreaker
  6. *The EncounterWOLF FANG (Rohga Armor Force) [Ft. Dimi Kaye]*
    • (Not available for purchase anywhere else. Track off upcoming EP with release date TBA.)
  7. NeoslaveWelcome… To Blood Arcade
  8. HexenkraftA Flame in the Void
  9. neon shudderThe Faceless
  10. *Highway SuperstarPrism Break*
    • (Not available for purchase anywhere else. Originally released on Soundcloud and New Retro Wave.)
  11. Brat’yaRadio
  12. *Vampire Step-DadSteady Pace*
    • (Exclusive preview of upcoming material. Won’t be out elsewhere for a while.)
  13. Ethereal DelusionsAlone In Space
  14. *Aegis VisitorHorizon Eyes*
    • (Preview of upcoming material. Originally was available as part of the Swedish Columbia Groupees Bundle. Now available once more on this compilation.)
  15. Slow ShiverSet in Stone
  16. IVERSEN – M E T L I N E B L U E S

But, wait, there’s more! Every donation of the compilation will enter you into a raffle to win one of three artwork prints signed by Absolute Valentine and Highway Superstar! Winners will be announced at the end of the fundraiser and prizes will ship worldwide. Now is probably a good of time as any to mention that this is a timed fundraiser. That’s right, starting today the fundraiser is officially on for only one month where it shall then conclude on September 16th.

Therefore, be sure to make your way over to the official Bandcamp page for Nokogiri Nami Society’s The Night Call: Vol. 1 and help them raise money for Yorkshore Cancer Research (516898) sooner rather than later to help a great cause and get some good tunes too:

The Nokogiri Nami Society can be found on Facebook and Twitter

The Night Call can be found on Facebook and heard on University Radio York.

Yorkshire Cancer Research (516898) can be found at