Nightlights: Forever EP

a3304579228_10Releasing their first EP back in February, which we reviewed, Nightlights contributes their own brand of neon-soaked goodness to the summer of synth with their follow-up EP entitled Forever. Much like their previous release, the aforementioned Shadows EP, this album is an equally infectious collection of songs that’ll get you up and moving. It all begins right out the gate with a tantalizing intro track, “In The Beginning,” which much like the wonderful cover to the album itself gives those summer sunset vibes.

“Mist” rolls in along with the coming of the night and exhibits a little bit of a technotronic house feel, which one can’t help but conjure up images of fog machines gone wild in the club as a result. “Night Shadows” is a delightfully haunting tune, the kind of song that makes you feel as though you’re under a spell and, as you start to notice your head has been bobbing to the music the entire time, you’ll know then that Nightlights truly are pied pipers of the synth.

“The View from the Top” will do just that; making you feel like you’re on top of the world by lifting your spirits up with such an easy jam. “Heading Home” keeps that at ease feeling flowing, but also peppers in some breakdowns complete with impressive synth solos throughout. “Purple Sky (Remix)” is, as the title alludes, a remix of a song from back a few years ago when Nightlights wrote and performed under their Snowkitten project. You can listen to it below:



I decided to look up this earlier version because I enjoy comparing and contrasting the works of an artist, especially when they remix their own material. That said, you can certainly tell that at their core they are more or less the same exact song, but even still at the same time the remix is clearly different in terms of its overall production quality and design. Much of the same could be said about their decision in going from being known as Snowkitten to Nightlights, or even simply the differences that exist between the Shadows EP and this, as they have constantly improved and are getting better by release.

Perhaps this personal growth has something to do with the overall expansion of the synthwave scene as a whole between then and now, as an influx of talent will push oneself, and it has also opened doors for collaborations such as in the form of “Night Shadows (Extended Morphine Mix)” by JJ Christie. We have covered JJ Christie on the site before, with the release of his Fresh New Idea album, and with this track he helps to infuse his all too familiar sound to help create an amazing rendition as a result. Remixes work in many ways, after all.

We end the album with “Fairground Lights,” a light and fluffy song not unlike cotton candy that you would buy at said fairground, and it does indeed remind oneself of such fun nights surrounded by the lights of rides, attractions, and sweet foods. As stated before there is a natural progression to be found between their releases but if there is any one constant to be found within the material of Nightlights it is that the songs contained within are simply fun, lighthearted, and a welcome addition to any collection. So make sure you add it to yours!



Nightlights can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Their music can be found on Bandcamp under their current name of Nightlights with their previous work under their former name of Snowkitten