The Heavy Haul: August, 2017

Another month has come and gone and along with it another couple of articles that I wrote over on Heavy Blog is Heavy. I must say that, even with only four articles under my belt over there as of this post, I am really starting to find my niche, my voice, whatever you want to call it; a rhythm, perhaps? Either way, I find the following two articles as being the evolution of my Synth Spotlight series on here but in a more simplistic form. They’re an overview mix of review, interview, and highlight. An introduction for some and further information for others. I look forward to writing more articles in this style, so watch out!

Hey! Listen to Gregorio Franco! [August 17th, 2017]

Gregorio Franco is someone that I’ve had on my radar for some time but, I will admit, prior to writing about him I had never delved too deeply into his discography which is already quite impressive at this point in his career. However, as soon as I did, I knew that his unique style of dark synthwave would be perfect for the atmosphere at Heavy Blog and I was right. It was an amazing experience getting to interview him, to write said article, and it’s been an equal honor to hear his side project of DRONN develop as well as his next album. I look forward to watching him perform live at Echosynthetic Fest in November.

Hey! Listen to Skeleton Beach! [August 25th, 2017]

Speaking of someone that’ll be at Echosynthetic Fest, albeit in a non-performance role as he will instead being filming a documentary about said event, Skeleton Beach is another such act that I’ve been meaning to cover for some time. Skeleton Beach is, in a way, the other side of the same dark synthwave coin from Gregorio Franco. Whereas Gregorio Franco is more fast and heavy, Skeleton Beach is a bit more slow and methodical to which I also felt was a perfect fit for the Heavy Blog. I was not wrong in this belief as well. Again, much like Gregorio Franco, it’s been nice to get to know Skeleton Beach better through writing this article and I for one can’t wait to hear his next album; plus see him in November too!