Let’s Get Physical!

Let me hear your wallet talk!

We’re introducing a new feature here on Watermelon Banzai wherein we will be highlighting newly announced, ready for pre-order, or currently available to buy physical releases of synthwave related music. We’re talking cassettes, vinyls, CDs and anything else. I’m personally waiting for the day when someone releases something on 8-track! To put it simply: we’re talking about any and all formats that you can actually hold in your hands. With that all said, let’s look at some:

Skeleton Beach: Being There [Cassette and T-Shirt]


While I have yet to talk about Skeleton Beach on here I have highlighted their work over on Heavy Blog is Heavy, which you can check out here. Even still, regardless of where I talked about them, you should do yourself a favor and pick up their music on cassette tape thanks to their own label of SNWF Records.

500 (1)At the risk of sounding like an infomercial–but wait, there’s more!–did I mention that you can also buy said cassette bundled with a t-shirt as well? Because you sure can! Thanks to the lovely folks at Burning Stone Apparel you can also score yourself one of these bad boys to go along with your tunes. There is actually reverse art to the shirt, which is the logo seen on the front of the cassette, so get in there and get you some! Do it right now.

Neuropa Records [Vinyl]

Currently up for pre-order are vinyls of four amazing artists, one of which I reviewed and will humbly brag right now as having a link to said review on the purchase page, with a number of variants for each release. Without further ado, let’s start off with the artist that I am alluding to in that previous sentence:

nwxbpcwy6fx1bnbyo2dpGloom Influx: First LP

In my review for said album I actually marveled at the art and dropped a hint that it was vinyl cover worthy. Now I’m not saying my words carry such clout, but I will say this: I’m glad that I was right!

This beauty is available in two colored variants: black or lilac. Click on over here to get in on ’em!

xt0ghwvjlyoxhhxgogbxElectric Dragon: Covenant

I briefly mentioned them during my review of Microchip Terror’s EP, of which they were featured, but I never delved into their own work in any proper review sense. Even still I can certainly recommend them if you enjoy some darksynth.

Their vinyl is available in black, blue, and clear.

ks7c6rkkiwtsiuvzdcwvVolkor X: This Means War

While I have yet to personally review anything by this producer, and for the record I still enjoy their work immensely, I feel at this point in their career it goes without me saying that their music demands to be in your library. I personally kick myself for missing out on their cassette release.

That said, get in on these amazing vinyl variants now which are available in black, clear/blue/black mixed, and red/yellow/black mixed. You’ll be glad you did.

jahksaf3aykpz3l4yyacGrimrik: Die Mauern der Nacht

I’ll be honest: out of the four here this is the one I had no prior knowledge of beforehand. However, with a description on the purchase page mentioning it’s delving into the subgenre of darksynth, well, that certainly got my attention!

You can grab this release in either black or red.

That’ll do it for today but I already hear what you’re saying, “Hey, why didn’t you mention (NAME OF THING) which is also available?” Well, don’t you worry, because articles like these will become a recurring feature to hopefully keep you up to date on the latest releases! Your wallet might not like it but you should at least feel good in knowing that you’re helping out the scene with your purchases!

Also, if you want to help us, you can email us to let us know about releases.