Synth Spotlight: Stripper Cop

22491982_1956165967964252_8214357957478135826_nThe word “cop,” at least in relation to synthwave, often makes one think of already established acts within the genre such as Futurecop! and Timecop1983 but now there’s a new cop walking the beat in the scene: Stripper Cop.

It may seem a silly name, although really what name isn’t to some degree as far as synthwave is concerned, but behind the eye catching moniker is music that’ll equally catch your ears despite said producer currently having but one song to their unique name. Regardless of this fact there’s still plenty of potential to be gleaned from that single track and, after speaking with Stripper Cop, I feel they do indeed have the tools and the talent.

Although, at this point, I imagine that most people are a bit more curious about the name. “Stripper Cop actually started out as an independent film project from one of my co-workers” I was told during my interview with the person behind the name. “In my day job I work as a special effects artist/part time graphics engineer at a video game studio, so we get random ideas bouncing around all the time like making an 80’s b-movie about an undercover cop that discovers that he likes to perform at strip clubs and bachelorette parties. Nathan, my coworker, approached me about writing the soundtrack and that kinda led to the Stripper Cop project taking on a life of its own as my personal music venture.”

Speaking of personal music ventures, I also asked about their influences, what drives them to make music, and if there was anyone in the scene that they’d like to potential collaborate with in the future. Stripper Cop replied, saying that “most of my influences stem from the 1980’s and early 90’s, specifically anything synthesizer-related. I have a large 80’s sci-fi b-movie collection and a lot of my most recent work gets inspiration from them. I started working as a club DJ in the 1990’s and performed at various clubs in Asia, Canada, and the US mostly playing EDM and deep house. I have never performed synthwave live, however that is something I would definitely love to do in the future.”

Stripper Cop continued, stating that “I’ve mostly only produced house, electro and acid tracks before so it wasn’t until I started collecting old vintage synthesizers that I started really writing synthwave tracks and rediscovered my old teen love for synth-pop and new wave in the process. As for collaboration, I’d love to work on a track with Com Truise. That guy really nailed down the 80’s vibe when he was first starting out and is now forging a new sound all his own. I’d also love to collaborate with other artists like Mitch Murder, TimeCop1983, and IamManolis. They are all awesome and positive influences in my music.”

Going back to a prior declaration, namely their mentioning of collecting old vintage synthesizers, I inquired about said collection and the equipment that Stripper Cop uses to create their music. While the SoundCloud page for his track, “Offworld,” actually lists a number of them for Stripper Cop there’s always room for more analogue equipment much like a lot of producers within the synthwave scene. “I’ve been keeping an eye out lately for a Roland Jupiter 6” Stripper Cop declared like a hunter staking their claim on prey. “Überzone actually had his for sale recently and I just missed it!”

Stripper Cop went on to elaborate further on this love of analogue equipment, explaining that “a lot of what can be done to make synthwave and retrowave doesn’t actually need the use of vintage analogue gear. However, the way these machines are constructed and how you interact with them is very “80’s” and somehow I find that the music ends up reflecting that, at least in my tracks. I used to use software based synths exclusively but found that fully computer-based work just wasn’t that inspiring for me.” When asked what was next, music wise, Stripper Cop declared that they were indeed “planning on coming out with many more tracks in the coming months.”

Before ending the interview, I inquired as to what would go on their perfect pizza and inside their ideal burrito to which Stripper Cop only replied, “chicken masala curry!” Well, either way, I suppose that would be interesting…

You can keep up with Stripper Cop over on Facebook.