Mega Ran: Strangers

a2734730116_10Synthwave is a very versatile genre, able to be utilized in a variety of ways, ebbing and flowing in and out of other genres as its influence spreads not unlike a shadow monster from the upside down. Therefore, it should come to little or no surprise that rap would eventually take notice and lay down some bars to coincide with the beats that only synthwave can provide. While Mega Ran, nerdcore rapper extraordinaire, is by no means the first to do so he still does so with that certain style and flair that only he can provide. However, he’s not going it completely alone as not only is Lynx Kinetic by his side, but he’s also got his own party of synthwavers backing him up by supplying the aforementioned synthbeats thanks to Isidor and DEADLIFE. Continue reading


Space Knife is the hidden gem of Stranger Things

a1343759893_10 (1)Stranger Things, both in its first and second season, was full of little nods, winks, and Easter eggs to pop culture and everyday life of yesteryear but did you know that there were some more modern things hidden in there too? We’re already familiar with the theme song and the entire synthwave inspired soundtrack, masterfully done by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E, but while that music has taken front and center stage there’s been another act and their music hiding in the back, just waiting for their time to shine. While I cannot take any responsibility for their discovery, I can at least inform other people of their existence and, more importantly, I can highlight their music as a result. Without further ado, I introduce: Space Knife! Continue reading

Synth Spotlight: Atom Force

0010844250_10With a handful of singles to their name, and one album, Atom Force is that proverbial unstoppable force that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Especially not while they’ve got their second album coming out soon just along the horizon, as well as a few more surprises, all of which we touched upon in the following interview. That all said, just how did Atom Force get involved in making music in the first place anyway and why synthwave?

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Synth Spotlight: Maximum Turbodrive


For some time now there has been this cross divide between genres, namely synthwave and metal, where the two have come together to create something else entirely yet still retaining those essential sounds of both. Like metal it’s hard, it’s heavy and, though it’s mostly categorized as being either dark synth or dark wave, it’s also oddly dreamlike (or perhaps nightmare like?) much like synthwave as well. There are many acts leading the way in such an emerging genre such as Perturbator, GosT, and Carpenter Brut (of which Maximum Turbodrive certainly derives some of their influence), although in the end it is not simply a question of leaders and followers but each act’s unique past which brought them to the proverbial dance that ultimately sets them apart.

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Sekond Prime is the “Destroyer of Worlds” with a LIMITED RELEASE track!

a2689898779_10While I have not technically covered Sekond Prime on Watermelon Banzai before, I did cover them on Heavy Blog is Heavy when I highlighted their Arrival EP, so I’m proud to write about them over here today as I feel they’re one of the best up and coming examples of the emerging spacewave subgenre. Furthermore, today they’ve released a new single entitled “Destroyer of Worlds” and there’s more to it than initially meets the eye as it has three things going for it: One, it’s being sold as a name your price! Two, it’s only available until October 31st and then it’s gone! Three, it’s fantastic! 

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Electric Runner: Darkest Ways

a4019998677_10It’s been almost a whole year since Electric Runner released any new material after their impressive debut with last year’s The Beginning in December of 2016, but the wait has certainly been worth it with the release of their sophomore effort in the form of Darkest Ways. Much as the name would imply, the EP carries with it an all around harder and heavier edge than it’s predecessor but, not only does it retain that same high quality and impressive production skills that were on display in their debut, it proves that the extended time off was not wasted; there is no “sophomore slump” here at all. 

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Synth Spotlight: Stripper Cop

22491982_1956165967964252_8214357957478135826_nThe word “cop,” at least in relation to synthwave, often makes one think of already established acts within the genre such as Futurecop! and Timecop1983 but now there’s a new cop walking the beat in the scene: Stripper Cop.

It may seem a silly name, although really what name isn’t to some degree as far as synthwave is concerned, but behind the eye catching moniker is music that’ll equally catch your ears despite said producer currently having but one song to their unique name. Regardless of this fact there’s still plenty of potential to be gleaned from that single track and, after speaking with Stripper Cop, I feel they do indeed have the tools and the talent. Continue reading

Synth Spotlight: Wyndsrfr

a4204680436_10Despite just releasing their self-titled debut album not but a few days ago, on October 20th, the synthwave producer known as Wyndsrfr is already making waves in the synth scene with their unique sound and is therefore poised to make an even bigger impression in the future as a result. With a history in the music industry already in their arsenal, and a passion for electronic music to boot, I interviewed this promising producer to find out more about them and to also help introduce them to a new audience.  Continue reading