Synth Spotlight: Stripper Cop

22491982_1956165967964252_8214357957478135826_nThe word “cop,” at least in relation to synthwave, often makes one think of already established acts within the genre such as Futurecop! and Timecop1983 but now there’s a new cop walking the beat in the scene: Stripper Cop.

It may seem a silly name, although really what name isn’t to some degree as far as synthwave is concerned, but behind the eye catching moniker is music that’ll equally catch your ears despite said producer currently having but one song to their unique name. Regardless of this fact there’s still plenty of potential to be gleaned from that single track and, after speaking with Stripper Cop, I feel they do indeed have the tools and the talent. Continue reading


Synth Spotlight: Wyndsrfr

a4204680436_10Despite just releasing their self-titled debut album not but a few days ago, on October 20th, the synthwave producer known as Wyndsrfr is already making waves in the synth scene with their unique sound and is therefore poised to make an even bigger impression in the future as a result. With a history in the music industry already in their arsenal, and a passion for electronic music to boot, I interviewed this promising producer to find out more about them and to also help introduce them to a new audience.  Continue reading

Synth Singles: “The Fixer” by Retroglyphs (feat. Sarah Kane)

Retrogylphs have been busy since we highlighted their self-titled debut album what with touring on a consistent basis, releasing a music video, and selling physical media in the form of t-shirts and a CD plus a limited edition 7″ lathe cut vinyl of their single “One More Kiss” thanks to Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Today we’re highlighting another single from them, a cover of a Pearl Jam song, which they are releasing as a means to lend their support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. All proceeds will benefit the Houston Food Bank. With a minimum purchase price point of only five dollars you have no excuse to not pick up this song and help out a great cause in the process! Hell, why not give a little bit more? After all, the song is simply fantastic and deserves your time:

Synth Singles: “Face the Beast” by The Powerwalker

The beast has been unleashed and it’s time to face ’em head on in the latest track released by The Powerwalker. Proudly presented by RetroSynth Records, this song will have you looking over your shoulder like prey being hunted down in the wild. With pulse pounding drums, creepy chanting, and the spine-tingling sounds of sinister synths it’ll be one to own and add to your collection as you become the hunter. In fact, it’s available to purchase right now, so get you some!

Kid Neon: Darker Days

a3675352460_16If you’re familiar with TimeSlave Recordings, and you should be because not only have we covered many artists under their umbrella but they’re also one of the best synthwave labels out there today, then you may be familiar with Kid Neon. As one half of the founding brothers of TimeSlave Recordings, the music of Kid Neon has appeared on some of their past compilations such as Future Sounds Vol.1 [and the Redux], A Taste of the Future, Fear the Future Vol.1, and Project TSL01. In fact, if you purchased all of these compilations, you’ll find that about half the songs on Darker Days can also be heard on these previously released collections. However, this factoid is not to belittle the accomplishments that this album has itself collected as there are remastered and even remixed versions of said songs to be found within. Beyond that it is simply a long overdue spotlight for Kid Neon to truly shine on his own after sharing that spotlight for so long, to which he shines so very brightly indeed.

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Isidor: 3218

a2991559968_10There is a subgenre of synthwave that I have talked a little bit about in the past and, truth be told, it’s probably one of my favorites that I don’t think a lot of people are either aware of or fully understand and that is spacewave. I will concede that it is honestly a hard subgenre to nail down, often floating between other more well known ones, but to me it’s categorized by a grandiose scale of sound in terms of its production and overall scope. It recalls images of stars, planets, and epic battles among them in the distant future of our own galaxy or perhaps a long time ago in another far, far away.

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Let’s Get Physical!

Let me hear your wallet talk!

We’re introducing a new feature here on Watermelon Banzai wherein we will be highlighting newly announced, ready for pre-order, or currently available to buy physical releases of synthwave related music. We’re talking cassettes, vinyls, CDs and anything else. I’m personally waiting for the day when someone releases something on 8-track! To put it simply: we’re talking about any and all formats that you can actually hold in your hands. With that all said, let’s look at some:

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Synth Singles: “Machine” by Night Raptor

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Night Raptor, who released an EP back in March that we reviewed, and there’s a very good reason for that: hard drive failure! Yup, happens to the best of us, unfortunately. I too can spin a tale of entire research papers and novels lost due to computer issues but this isn’t about me, oh no, this is about Night Raptor and this single which he released quite recently. As he explains in his own words over on his Soundcloud page:

This is an extended track of a theme song I did for The 8Bit Misfit YouTube channel. He is a cool guy so check out his content!

This is the only track I could salvage from my recent HD failure. It was going to have vocals and further tweaks added to it, but in it’s current state it would feel out of place adding those things to a WIP Wav file. The solo is even accidentally modulated! (I have a love/hate relationship with it)

So I decided to just release it and have something out for everyone to listen to while I work on the new EP.

Thank you all for everything and stay tuned. 🙂

So there you have it folks, he is indeed working on a new EP and, although this track is but a salvaged work in progress, I can already tell that he’s got some amazing stuff cooking! This track is straight fire from beginning to end:

Baali Soda: Neon Knight

a3755461491_16Synthwave is an amazing genre of music for many reasons, of which I could certainly go more into depth as to why, but one such example that I want to highlight today is its overall global appeal. Other than simply the fans of said genre, there are producers who make the music from all over the world as well. Such is the case with Baali Soda who hails from India and, from the lack of any purchases on his Bandcamp page, seems to be a relative unknown that I would like to highlight today because he deserves some recognition! While he does have a collection of single tracks to discover, I instead singled out (see what I did there?) his full length album Neon Knight.

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