“Grangeweird” by Alpha Chrome Yayo and Danny Madigan

a4206924274_10“Grangeweird” is like ducking into a pub to get out of the rain, warming yourself up next to a fire with drink in hand, only to end up being enthralled by two bards within telling tall tales of local legends and suburban superstitions.

While Alpha Chrome Yayo and Danny Madigan are both amazing artists on their own, there’s just something truly magical about their musical chemistry which happens whenever they brew up a tune together. And what an eldritch concoction of hygge this one is indeed!

“Malediction Boulevard EP” by Alpha Chrome Yayo

a4169269915_16If the prior releases by Alpha Chrome Yayo were mostly meant to conjure up images of brightly lit neon-soaked streets and general feel-good nostalgic moments, than their “Malediction Boulevard EP” is the aptly titled stroll down a dark path on the wrong side of the tracks. Here there be monsters, yes, but don’t fret; with a mighty ax in tow, you can defeat any foe. Luckily, and despite the darker tone, ACY nonetheless continues their trend with gnarly guitar work alongside some spectacularly spooky synths.