Die Scum Inc: The Epoch Code

a1532887824_10I like to imagine that Die Scum Inc. is some kind of low-budget movie studio that actually puts all of said budget into their soundtracks, pumping out the hits to go along with their theater of the mind flicks (what they lovingly call “Notion Pictures”), and if their first release of “My Fist is Fight” was their fatal fury foray into the Martial Arts/Action section of the cerebral video tape rental store, than “The Epoch Code” is certainly their other worldly cyber invasion onto the shelves of the Sci-Fi/Thriller genre and it will infect you.

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Die Scum Inc: My Fist is Fight

a0157263934_10I have a confession to make: I love really cheesy movies. The cheesier the better and there is nothing that oozes more cheese than martial arts films. That said, I really love the concept behind Die Scum Inc.‘s latest release of “My First is Fight: The Notion Picture Soundtrack,” as it presents itself as the soundtrack to a nonexistent action film.

Like my colleague Echosynthetic mentioned in his review, the music lends itself to your imagination in that your brain pieces together the music alongside the theater of your mind and thus the action film in question becomes real; it’s whatever you want it to be! Therefore, to me, it’s the soundtrack to a long lost Godfrey Ho ninja movie! Maybe with Pierre Kirby?

Either way, I must say that my favorite track is “Montage,” because every great movie has one; even Rocky had a montage! That said, I love how the backbeat of this song has that recognizable stinger which you hear in so many kung-fu action flicks. I don’t even know if said stinger has a proper name but, once you hear it, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to and Die Scum Inc. did an amazing job in using it as a sample. I want this movie to be real, dammit!

Seriously, I cannot recommend this album enough, so use those ninja-like reflexes and order yourself a copy! As of this writing there are still cassette copies to be purchased, so why’re you waiting?  I think I have a screenplay to write…