Synth Spotlight: DREDDD

0010374517_10I am convinced that DREDDD is a machine of some sort, perhaps a half-man/half-synth hybrid, built in a lab deep underneath Mega City One. I say this because, not just a couple months ago, I reviewed his first album entitled “I Am DREDDD” which was quite the pulse-pounding and adrenaline-pumping debut. In that time he has since released three more albums, a single for Alien Day, a sampler of his work in partnership with Echosynthetic, has a Versus album with FacexHugger due out soon, and a live show is on the horizon. While we sleep… he synths.

Seriously though, on a personal level, I feel both proud of his accomplishments after first being highlighted on my site and ashamed of myself in not doing more to cover him since then. Regardless, consider this spotlight less an excuse for me to try and catch up with DREDDD and more to help bring you up to speed with what he has to offer before the big fight, because there’s no chance in hell that I’m going to miss out on covering that Versus album with FacexHugger.

As mentioned before, I already reviewed his first album “I Am DREDDD,” so let’s begin our spotlight with his second which is simply entitled “EP2.” Now, I won’t go through each and every song, rather I’ll just run down some of the highlights.

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a3292124560_10I first became aware of DREDDD when someone told me about this awesome synthwave track that sampled audio from the Metal Gear Solid series. As someone that is quite a massive fan of said video game franchise, and synthwave, I knew that I had to take a closer look at such a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate.

After I had listened to that one track at least a dozen times, I delved deeper into the catalog of DREDDD, and what I found were many more awesome tracks that deserved attention. Therefore, I’d like to highlight just a few of them in this review:

  • BloDDD Bath is such a chill song, dare I say chillwave, the kind where I close my eyes and envision myself driving along the pacific coast highway at night.
  • On the reverse, Demon Parade is a nice piece of dark synth, with a pounding beat and heavy bass. It really shows DREDDD’s range to go from one to another.
  • With that in mind, LA River is quite the piece of outrun, with a high octane rhythm that keeps your blood pumping. The diversity in songs is amazing.

As I said, these are but a few choice samplings of what DREDDD has to offer, but you should honestly go and listen to them all. I’m not sure I can overstate enough just how fluid DREDDD is at being able to handle so many different styles of synth at once. I look forward to hearing what he tackles next, whatever that might be.