Ethereal Delusions: Wingman (Feat. Noah Bernstein)

a2323524224_10The #SummerofSynth kicks off strong with a hot new single straight off of Ethereal Delusion‘s upcoming album “Summer Haze,” which is due out on August 1st, but he’s not alone on this one! Much like the title itself, he’s got a Wingman in the form of Noah Bernstein, who absolutely tears it up on this track with his sexy saxophone skills.

The sounds in this song just conjure up images of them both riding along the beach in a suped-up sports car, like a rather infamous crime fighting buddy cop duo from the 1980’s, with the sun setting and giving way to the neon soaked night as they cruise for danger.

They find it on the B-Side, “Outrun the Dark (2017 Edit),” an updated version to a song of the same name from Ethereal Delusion’s “EP1.” I always enjoy when a producer goes back into their catalogue and updates a track, it really shows their progression as an artist, and Ethereal Delusions continues to show off his talent and skills not only with this updated version but with Wingman as well. If this is but a taste of what we can expect come August 1st, I have no doubt that we’re all in for a treat, because passionate producing such as this can’t be stopped.

Also, there’s a music video, which you can check out below!

Ethereal Delusions: Karlovsky’s Revenge

a0766362820_10Ethereal Delusions does it all: hosts a two-hour block of synthwave tunes on his local college radio station, offers up music mastering services, and still finds time to release his own awesome music.

Now, I don’t know exactly who the titular Karlovsky is, or why they’re seeking revenge and from whom, but what I can tell you is that while revenge is often a dish best served cold (ancient Klingon proverb) this album is anything but; it’s straight fire!

Released by TimeSlave Recordings, an amazing up-and-coming synthwave label in it’s own right, “Karlovsky’s Revenge” does contain mostly tracks from Ethereal Delusions’ previous self-release, “Shuttershades,” but also includes two new tracks such as the one sharing it’s name with the album itself. Deservedly so, because it’s a great song, kicking off with an interesting hook that reminded me almost of Maniac Mansion before transitioning into a literal pulse pounding beat that hits you in the chest.

“Am I Dreaming,” the last track on the album, is a great chaser as it starts strong and then slowly winds down alongside a rather creepy narration. Much like FacexHugger, I got a real sci-fi vibe, that really unsettling and spine-tingling sense of space dread. I love it. Like someone saying goodbye as they fall asleep in cryogenic stasis… I don’t know when they’ll wake up, or when the next release from Ethereal Delusions will come, but I can feel it coming

… in the meantime, buy a shirt, why not?