“II” by Flash Cassette

a2341061153_10“II” is an appropriate title for Flash Cassette’s sophomore effort and follow-up to their self-titled debut as, much like a finely crafted sequel to an impressive movie, this release not only builds off the sound that they established on their first release but proceeds to masterfully supersede it in the process with tighter production, catchier hooks, funkier beats, and impressive vocal work.

This album begs to be listened from start to finish as each track smoothly transitions into the next.

Flash Cassette: Self Titled LP

a2685229850_10We’ve been under a bit of a heat wave here during the Summer of Synth but, after listening to Flash Cassette‘s latest ice-cold single, “Long Island Iced Tea”, I was inspired to keep the party cool and rocking by pulling up their debut self-titled full-length album.

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