Limited Edition “Outrun the Sun” Compilation Cassette Tape from Kill All Music!

There was a time when I would buy just about every synthwave cassette tape that I came across and can therefore boast a pretty notable collection as a result. However in the past year or so, due mostly in part to student loans kicking into repayment, I’ve become a bit more strategic in my purchases not only in terms of physical synthwave media but with just about everything else in life too. It’s mostly due to this that, as much as I had intended to go, I will unfortunately be unable to attend the Outrun the Sun festival this weekend in Los Angeles which is being brought to you by the wonderfully amazing folks over at NEO-LA.


Check out the Facebook event pages for Day 1 and Day 2 of Outrun the Sun!

I am devastated by this for many reasons, such as I will not be able to see some great acts perform live and therefore support the synthwave scene in turn as well as meet some friends, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that I had also hoped to score myself a limited edition cassette tape made specifically for the event…

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Kill All Music releases the “Best of” Freeweights on Cassette!

KAM016_Front_01aFreeweights is a band that hasn’t been mentioned on this site before, which is a crime as their one of the most underrated synthpop acts out their right now, so what better way to get acquainted with them than through a “best of” album? I use quotes around “best of” because the ten tracks on this album are all the tracks that they’ve released thus far so, you might be therefore asking yourself, “how can this be a best of album if it contains all of their songs?” Simply put: all of their songs are the best. Period.

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