What I Purchased on Bandcamp Friday (July 3rd)


Yesterday, July 3rd, was “Bandcamp Friday” whereby all fees related to Bandcamp’s cut of purchases are waived so that the artists get their full share.

While I have participated in all of these “Bandcamp Fridays” thus far, and have bought plenty of music during those events each time, for whatever reason I decided to take the time this go around to do a little write up on each of my personal purchases as well as gifts that I not only gave but received too.

As an aside, I’m also using this as a bit of a feeler going forward in terms of changing up my writing format in order to make it a bit more streamlined and easier to manage. Truth be told, I just don’t really have it in me as much to do full-blown articles and reviews so something like you’ll read below might become more commonplace. Maybe. Either way, check out all of these artists: Continue reading

Greed is Good: The Influence of 1980’s Business Culture on Synthwave

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I would like to reiterate that by no means do I consider myself to be an expert in anything nor is it really my place to ever pigeonhole someone into a certain genre or subgenre less they declare themselves as such first and foremost. That said, in the past couple of posts I talked about two such things in regards to subgenres with “spacewave” and “cybersynth” respectfully but now I come to a bit of an impasse due to the fact that, while there is a certain theme of which a few artists have written their music around, there really isn’t a clearly defined name for such a subgenre.

Some call it “officewave,” others “yuppiewave,” whereas I have personally bounced around such terms as “wallstreetwave,” “stockmarketsynth,” or “businesswave.” Again, none of these are wrong per say nor are they entirely right due to there being no real clear consensus just yet or at least one that I can decipher. Then again, as stated before, I’ll always leave it up to the producers themselves to define and label their own music because they know it best.

Nonetheless, much as “spacewave” concerns itself with themes of invoking imagery of space and “cybersynth” is drawn from the cyberpunk genre, this particular subgenre seems to be inspired by a rather specific aspect from the 1980s: namely the crossroads of greed and excess between the rise of wealth and the culture of business. If it’s to be assumed that a lot of synthwave is simply inspired by both media and culture of the 1980s, as well as more modern takes on the decade, then I think that this particular subgenre does as well albeit with a more focused look towards certain examples. To me, at least, said examples of inspiration seem to range from period appropriate film releases such as 1987’s Wall Street to the somewhat modern examples found in 2000’s American PsychoContinue reading