Night Raptor: EP

a0135350467_10Very much taking a page out of Vampire Step-Dad’s playbook, Night Raptor utilized newsletters weeks in advance of his EP coming out in order to help set the tone for the music that would follow. They accomplished this through a series of science-fiction stories about a space pilot exploring an uncharted world, with suggestions of specific tracks that one is supposed to listen to as they read, all in order to make a complete packaged experience.

Again, much like Vampire Step-Dad, it’s a bit of a gimmick but it works. It works very well. There’s something to be said about being handed a piece of music, and coming up with your own imagery as you listen, but a whole otherworldly experience to be told what images are there in the theater of your mind. Try both methods and you’ll notice.

I appreciate both approaches as, much like Night Raptor explains in one of his newsletters, I too would often dream of my own epic soundtracks to go along with my pretend space adventures when I was young. The only difference is that Night Raptor actually made those dreams come true, because I have no musical talent whatsoever, therefore in a way I am living vicariously through him as a result… and what a result it turned out to be!

Now, allow me to take a page out of Night Raptor’s playbook by setting the scene: it’s Friday evening, another work week was finished, and I was exhausted. It’s snowing outside, even though it’s technically spring, because it’s New England. I laid down, was about to close my eyes, and then remembered that Night Raptor’s new EP had landed.

I took out my phone, purchased the limited edition cassette tape, pressed play and closed my eyes. I instantly forgot about work, the fact that I’m going to have to shovel tomorrow, and was whisked away into deep space. I could probably write a few newsletters myself based on the images in my mind that came after, but that’s not the point.

The point is that this music was the paint for those images and, much like how different artists create different images with the same paints, your mileage will vary on these songs as well in terms of what images you make as a result. What is important, however, is that they do have the power to paint those images. They absolutely do.

So go ahead, take a listen, get painting… and then buy a shirt!