“Dark Awakening” and the Experience of Music

sekondprime_dark_awakening_coverCertain types of music, like any other form of media which hold the same sway over our subconscious, have an innate ability to make us feel as though we’re someplace else. When I first encountered Sekond Prime, through my review of their debut EP which was appropriately entitled Arrival, I labeled it as “spacewave” and it’s a term which Sekond Prime has since proudly embraced. Such a declaration on my part was by no means a sort of tongue-in-cheek display but a true testament to the power which Sekond Prime wields; their music made me truly feel as though I were in space.

Ever since I were a child I’ve dreamed of space. I’ve been forever enamored with the idea of the infinite unknown and have spent many nights looking up at the stars, wondering what was out there to be discovered, and yet lamenting the fact that I nor countless others, save for the chosen few who make a career out of it, shall ever venture forth. So instead I spend my days ironically with my head buried in books, movies, and anything else that’s science fiction rather than fact.  Continue reading


Sekond Prime is the “Destroyer of Worlds” with a LIMITED RELEASE track!

a2689898779_10While I have not technically covered Sekond Prime on Watermelon Banzai before, I did cover them on Heavy Blog is Heavy when I highlighted their Arrival EP, so I’m proud to write about them over here today as I feel they’re one of the best up and coming examples of the emerging spacewave subgenre. Furthermore, today they’ve released a new single entitled “Destroyer of Worlds” and there’s more to it than initially meets the eye as it has three things going for it: One, it’s being sold as a name your price! Two, it’s only available until October 31st and then it’s gone! Three, it’s fantastic! 

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