a2914355211_10Is this an album made up of ten really short songs or actually just one song that’s been chopped up into ten HitClip-sized snippets?


It’s quite the “in your face” auditory experience, either way, in a world where most people don’t have the attention span to stop and listen to an entire album.

The Warhorse, therefore, dares you to take notice of such a uniquely “strange” experiment, that’s the length of one “normal” song, by proceeding to shove some real punk back into synthwave.


“Bone Apple Tea” by The Warhorse

a4120519210_10The Warhorse is one of the most unique acts in the synthwave scene, even if they skate the edge of the mold for not being “80’s enough,” and I truly do admire them for just doing their own thing without worrying what anyone else thinks about them in turn.

“Bone Apple Tea,” in many ways, is an anthem to that belief and a call to arms to embrace your uniqueness. Most importantly it’s about shattering those glass ceilings, subverting expectations, and not giving a fuck… that’s The (Bone Apple) Tea.

“Jinn & Juice” by The Warhorse

a3469306951_10I’ll be completely honest: I tend to prefer complete albums and/or EPs more so than just singles, but I’ll also fully admit that “Jinn & Juice” completely shattered such a notion and then some as I’ve listened to this song at least a few dozen times by now. “Jinn & Juice” is at times brash and in your face, much like The Warhorse themselves, but also hypnotic and oddly relaxing. While just over four minutes, “Jinn & Juice” feels like you’re listening to an entire album contained within one song.

The Warhorse and the Subversion of Expectations


About a month ago I received an email from KILLxALLxMUSIC, the self-proclaimed (and honestly rather quite apt in many ways) “anti-label,” informing me that not only were they sending me a physical copy of The Warhorse‘s upcoming single (entitled “Bone Apple Tea,” releasing June 11th, which I’ll get to in a moment) but they were also going to be putting a prior quote of mine about The Warhorse on “the EPK.” I felt honored, thanked them, and then immediately opened up Google to do a search for “EPK.” Did you know that it stands for “Electronic Press Kit”?

I honestly had no idea! Continue reading

“CHUBS” by The Warhorse

a1923577878_10The Warhorse is one of the few truly unique synth-infused acts out there so it’s hard to classify exactly what they are in turn. Unfortunately, as a consequence to that, they’re often left out of the conversation when it comes to talking about the synthwave scene and its numerous subgenres. However, The Warhorse is unapologetic in this regard and simply sneers at such conventions by just doing its own thing and that thing is to release such a genre-defying album like CHUBS which simply kills.