Unholy Rat King: Wine Into Blood (Review and Interview)

a0144397714_10There is an infection spreading across this neon soaked landscape, covering it in a darkwave sludge that is oozing straight out of the sewer, and this #SynthPlague has completely consumed Watermelon Banzai today with the release of Unholy Rat King‘s “Wine Into Blood.”

It’s raw, it’s gritty, and although it’s coming was foretold in the unholy scriptures (a wonderfully written blog that explains it’s backstory), ultimately nothing could have prepared you for the auditory assault that would ensue upon its outbreak.

The first track, “Fallen from the Pure of Faith,” is like a psychedelic signal of impending doom. It pulsates, fluctuates, inching ever so closer towards its next victim; the darkness attempts to envelop your brain.  It tries to completely take hold in “Proselytized,” and though you try to resist, in the end you can feel the #SynthPlague being to cloud your mind and every thought.

As you enter “The Sacristy,” you feel the sounds of the old world are quickly drowned out, replaced by the haunting melodies of your new reality; you are now officially one with the #SynthPlague. As the newly crowned “Harbinger,” yourself now a plaguebearer, you feel the desire, privilege, and honor to convert more to the cause of the Unholy Rat King; no matter the cost to your own soul.

And it ultimately comes to that because, try as hard as you might, your attempts at forceful persuasion are met with equal force that overwhelm you; you’ve become a “Supplicant Sacrifice” as you hear the church bells ring in time with your last dying breaths. As your soul spirals through the darkness, taking a “Shortcut Through Hell,” that familiar pulsating sound of uneasiness returns… followed by something all too reminiscent of chiptunes? Was it all just a game?

Perhaps you better play it all over again to make sure… but not before pressing start on the remix to one of Unholy Rat King’s earlier songs, “Activation Sequence,” masterfully crafted by FacexHugger. Overall, this is an infectious release from the Unholy Rat King, who has put together an impressive collection of dark and heavy synth work. This might be his first extended sermon, but the hymns contained within still hit you hard and leave a lasting impression, showing that the King of Rats knows how to put you under his spell.

If you have yet to pick this release up, I suggest that you do so now, for these is no escaping the #SynthPlague! I enjoyed this release so much myself that, not only did I preorder the album, but I also asked his Unholiness to sit down with me for an interview of which he so graciously accepted below…

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