Everything you didn’t know about the osciLATION//OVERthruster EP

a2888975954_10Sometime last year I decided to try my hand at making vaporwave. I knew nothing about music production, DAWs, or anything (I still don’t) but I was determined to at least try. I mean, how hard could it be? I figured all I had to do was just find some old audio, splice in some synth samples, slap on a few filters, etc. Well, that may or may not be how “traditional” vaporwave is actually made (again, I still honestly have no idea), but that’s what I did nonetheless. I mean, it was all experimental; who cares? Whatever!

So, the first stop I made was to archive.org because I recalled reading an article at the time that someone had uploaded a ton of old recordings which used to play over the PA system at K-Mart stores back in the day. I should also note that, around the same time, I was introduced to the concept of “dead malls” and everything sort of swirled in my mind until I eventually came up with an idea: what if I made creepy music which one might hear if they were exploring an abandoned (maybe even haunted) mall? That idea was, essentially, the genesis for my experimental album. Although, not everything went entirely to plan… Continue reading