Movie Review: Beyond the Gates

imagesGrowing up, I always looked forward to Fridays, and it wasn’t just because it signaled the end of the school week and beginning of the weekend. No, when I was younger, Fridays meant a trip to one of my local video stores. It was a tradition: I was allowed to rent one movie and one video game, no more, no less.

That was my weekend; give or take some homework, of course. Therefore, much to my Mother’s chagrin or a testament to her patience, I would often take my time in selecting my weekend’s entertainment less I choose poorly.

Choosing a video game was often easy, as I would go for some of the latest releases, but when it came to movies more often then not I would walk past the new arrivals and head straight for the horror section. I was a horror movie fiend. I grew up on horror movies. I loved looking at the cover art, scanning the photos on the back, reading the synopsis and review quotes. That said, if I could sum up this movie in a few words as if it were a catchy review quote on the back cover, I would say it’s “Jumanji but directed by Lucio Fulci!”

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